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The Bureau has decided to change how it presents its data on Yemen and Somalia to make our datasets more user-friendly.

Our database records all reported US counter-terrorism operations in the two countries, dating back to November 2001 in Yemen and January 2007 in Somalia.

Its dizzying mix of souks and mosques make for a fascinating sensory experience.

If you're thinking of travelling to Yemen you'll need to be able to handle the heat: given its hot, tropical climate, temperatures in the summer easily top 40ºC, although winter temperatures are more comfortable, averaging around 20ºC.

They are either living with relatives in relatively safer areas or at the outskirts of major cities and towns, living in squalid conditions with limited access to food, health, water and sanitation." "Internal displacement looks different in Yemen," Kirsten Walkom, communications director for Save the Children, explained in an email. In addition, Walkom pointed out that "many IDP's (Internally Displaced Persons) occupy open land and set up their own camps.

"Even before the start of the current two-year conflict, Yemen was suffering from chronic food insecurity," Save the Children's Walkom noted."Since the conflict escalated in March 2015 till September 2017, at least 1,881 children [were] killed and 3,125 children injured," Bismarck Swangin, communications specialist with UNICEF Yemen, replied in an email."At least three million people have been displaced, half of them children. So it may look less than it actually is," she said of the displacement of civilians.All other strikes would then fall into the category of “other US operations”.However, events this year have made it evident that our method could be tweaked to give a clearer picture of the air war in these countries.

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