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This is the schema compare that is used mostly by database developer.Of course, after making update to schema project you have to try to build it to see that there are no errors in schema project.If I don’t have good reason I don’t add roles and user accounts to schema project as sometimes their deployment is problematic.Take a look at object definitions window – you can see diff between source and target there. Sql Server as a Reference it shows the following error.Now that SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server Compact 4 has been released, some developers are curious about the differences between SQL Server Compact 4.0 and SQL Server Express 2014 (including Local DB) I have updated the comparison table from the excellent discussion of the differences between Compact 3.5 and Express 2005 here to reflect the changes in the newer versions of each product.

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One important aspect in standardization is virtualization.As now you have way to get schema changes from database to schema project you are ready to make another comparison that is mostly used by developers who don’t develop database.They need to compare their local databases against schema project and apply changes or recreate their databases. As all virtual machines have same database settings then all developers can use the same schema comparison to update or recreate their schemas.To get changes made to database to schema project we create new database schema comparison.Schema comparison allows us to compare two different schemas.

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