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I see other cultures around the world and it makes me sad that they are so oppressed that they cannot do, say, or practice certain things. I am a really clumsy person, I have rolled off my bed, fell over taking my clothes off, tripped while trying to do a sexy pole dance, and I always end up kicking my coffee off of the footboard of my bed. Bigpoi, kriztian20, lickpunani, lucky_jon84, lasvegasshowgirltina01,fostermw, onyx, im_hydrated.I am truly blessed to live in such a marvelous place where I can be my crazy self. I usually just end up cracking up because its so funny that I am such a klutzy girl. They are super generous and they tolerate all my food/cooking talk.

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16) You describe yourself as being able to have multi-orgasms. He was taking me doggy style, and he kept going at it and I could feel I was so close to cumming and I finally did, then he still kept pounding me and I climaxed again! One time, when I was with the same boyfriend, we were having sex for hours, I just kept cumming. Its a Z Wand by NYX, its basically like a cordless hitachi vibrator. I do have a Magic Wand Hitachi, but it is just too powerful and makes my computer go crazy when I use it.I am a bit of a romantic, so having a cliche filled date such as having a candlelit dinner and walking down the beach while sharing it with someone’s company that I genuinely adore is my idea of a perfect date.4) What is the last spontaneous thing you have done?I’m really glad that the members are understanding and I am always glad to make them laugh as well. 10) What is the craziestrequest you’ve received while camming?I keep getting asked to start a video food blog on You Tube. If I am not broadcasting, you most likely would find me in my PJs, curled up in bed watching a movie and relaxing…Now thats my idea of a fun Friday night! I met another model and we ended up making some videos together and a had a pretty wild night.

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