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Clinton persu.uleil her parejits to move to Little Rock in 1‘X7. and site let out tlia Lhig laugh when her mother walked in. lilt SIXfl MP«IB«f, ‘; BBl WI*il 6 lilim MEBI'F:i S:;| & hardware ' ; PORTABLE: sni ESinf! • A^gc’i B u pp B L S^-WOM£M'5: XC35 Tdi Ch AMPl ON canvas: V. llien ask liim to return and say iliey will try when nexvspapers nrsi negan oiopim.g T - ■ A writer xvho identified himself as a gay , man' and a comic collector in a letter to The Kansas City Star on Thursday pnised the nexx-spaper for running llie strip. llien ask liim to return and say iliey xvdl try xvlien nexvspapers tirsi began dropping the could be substituted. dropped it because "il xvas -condoiiing-homosexualiiy-ahnosi-to-ilic— _ point of advocacy." said editor Thomas Mitchell. a job I enjoy so much',’’" Lcliollaxvk said during a Tc'ecni iiiicrviexv in his 'st.ilelunisc ' — iimuc: — ifepubliean Jini Jones, lielioi laxvk’s predecessor, gixes liiin liigb marks for professionalism in snperxising the stale's, law sl.iff- "One of the main things you have to do is administer and not linker, and from everything I’ve been able to gather, lie’s willing to give ilirediun and let the laxvyers do their work." Jones said. i; Wbal areumems-can_, ou..inake',’" be asked Attorney General Larry liehollawk. "When 1 xvas deciding wlieilier to rim.,1 — nsked myself— ■Wliy-xvniild-l-w3m.;io-leavc_. at 111 i Caiielciy ill I’oiiu Rulli Genevieve Call, uf "“Funaar Ctujx;! White Moriuarv-in-Twin — JEROME.-: Olive H., p„ll5 ‘ lihin U 88.

M windr40- 5-t»tplh Page A2 LOS ANGi-LUS — Jurors in ilie federal ifial of lour police of Heers accused tl‘ heai- -nni^oiintty-Kinji-l Hfgt HHht Mtisli-. allowing the threat of liiorc rioting to color dciimed heeause 'of (lie llireat of a rioi," ihe ftuii nltleei' aie eli.iiiial 'mi Ii •Moiailnv Stacey Koon were I'oimd not guilty of all iheir deliheralions. "What's at slake licre is \iheiliei' King's ctiiisiiiuiitnuil liuhi' hi usiui; itiiiea- hut one of a serieit of'Cxeessivc force Hraun fell hae'k 'on the symholism of tlie or not people can lia\e a Iriai when inihlic TH kc i i ii ig rhe tri a i- o Hhc-dtnir— lu t i c a re . The vertlict set off a wave of riot- oflleers to the eondemnalion of Jesiis C'lirisl. anil hail esjieeially.eiiinyeil having her mother dose by again. She idolizes her mother." said Carolyn Staley, an old Clinton friend. Clinton engineered a surprise hirllulayjial'ly for Mi s. Conies of the episodes dealing with to acoepi his huniosexuality. , ,, , , homosexuality arc available at The Times- 'nie comic strip’s author, Lynn Johnston Sa cm deehned to name tiic j^rs ilui News on'icc. Qpuirio, said the gay teen-ager had dropned the strip. ’ — “I n st ca d-of-shoxving iharthc-character ir~r ~ giiy hceause of the tvpc he lias, the Treldl Trs'Tlu Ki Mrt Trfn STi OTl^ “ being giiy becuuse ol the person he is in 'lode wiili." xvrolc Michael Agnisa of Blue ' Springs, Mo. It’s also a pleasant change of pace to sec us presented in terms of who xve love.” Tlie 1.4-ycar-old seriys is carried by 1 ,400 daily and Sunday newspapers.

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lliey have argued that rite four officers^ tried, eonvieied and tmiiishcet King at the eorue T of ’ ri ootlu H and Usluirne tioiiievarns ne- ■ L ' illise hc*Tii s ohc yee l-UK.*ir-orek*[i»-^n«i- d repe'ale'Jly 'ovci wlietllei'Tsitt CT' oiuls. ami were detaining a man wlm w as on llie ^vheiliei ibe ol Ticers Inul reason to PCP. the _Resmrceiioi Hilurgy held in the wee lun’iis.’of Ta Tslcf moniiiig. I’aiui Uipmili's said llic highlight of 1 -astcr week is die Agape liturgy on Sunday. Pardos said die priest at lii.s Salt l.elmreli gives the Itmrgy in-im- glisli. u Utubl , — , As of late Saturday imiriiing.,mosl of the rjiirshowers and siiiivv showers were falling aeioss nofllierii and eenlrai Idaho. • Tluirsday mostly sonny and warmer wnh'fows 30 i 6 * 40 ". , Norlhcni Utah and Nevada: Utah - Today through Monday should he mostly cloudy with a ebanee of showers luid a sligltl chance of , tbuiidersionns. he power, the will to use power, power itself in man. Akdiarprpcccds f'rqm-- , \veakncss is bad,” Wliieh is a very llxed coiieept. Mrc p;,ys-m-rhc- Doctors are^in the wrong-places Any le Comi ofinirlie.illli-care system needs to iiiviilve an end to our Rep. i]x-iiilem;e.nn-speeialt\L: Ca re-_ Cardin di K'iors iii favo'i* of less cosily pi - ■ cam pliysicians hir of run hcallh- |„,wc, lures thereof (Johnson fired a While House employee wlio told a pailicularly would .surely liave admired. ■ offemip funnier and rnomsaslained smries deride , he Cliranns' dam, lo Ire II like Ihese^ pol Hicil.parrfly llum llij s vmmlm had a happil y married aaiple Some say madia Ihe joke le Ivrs wen for -i century diesc stones are irue.-Ic;ikal.b Llhe - - .aivolfeciivejolulelivcniig Clmioo-mlo - So wc heard llamillon Jordan jokes Secret Sendee. sire phy^^K — dkfnry TTI ns image clut T g ur Crrien;-' ~ allies (in some versumsa . C;,|,;ula — (iffortlable access to lieallli ctire, hut 11 s - " a change dial runs ctmliaty to cunenl ( „„r aiiieiil V trends.

and iheiddre' cxtremelyrlaiiger- '"S^SSs unee sold d.e o P -.1, . cr III the trial, when tliey called King 111 testify oil Ills own heliall. iniiially said dial oi Tieeis Mill ii was defense aiiomey Mraiiii -irhpr^lelivcrcil-l-i K'-suinniaiy-aaaliu— meiii anniiul which lawyers on hotli sides weic likely lo find common iiroiind. "iasrq Onfler'Apfit 13; now ' April 21; first quarter April Miami Beach 78 65 .. It is at this service that the tradi- tional red-dyed eggs, symboli/ing llic bhuui of I 'hrisl. year, the priest said ilie liimgy in live ciri Tereiii languages; ' I'icncll. However, some light r.iiii'fell at Hoise and it was — soowoiii-g Usu H-Vallcy,.. ~ Slightly warmer and drier weiitlier stiouhl reiiini to most ofldalio by the middle of next week. R)s bfiday nigbl, most of Malm wanned into ibe -lll.s by la'te Sat- urday moniin.e. Lows will be in the niiil- 20 s lhr«ugti the lower . It i.s the gut valiie'of tlie elilisls who arc sexual beings sind, as such, we must Doonesbury told them to be fruitful, multiply and .subdue would run mir eomitry iiml the world Nietzsche was comempiuous of tiie Christian ctliic. People of Clinuni's age and [Xtlilics -dul'ediu Lyeiiii.iii)derj:uii! fvull Il Kuilimi Ihc imniy lilllc luiiphmp niiskikus. Ihc Imilrc Me may a fi rcipil- Tmmilcil RIchar.l mailer. Bui in the Biisli years, the attacks ■ can; needs, 'lliis switch ft primary pliysici. oresidency • • de.siroy ;m ollicial llirough ridicule. Ihe lunire Me may a f, rvipil- dimmealsiisumumileil RIehanl mailer. Salllrday Niphl Uvc." he'd have lol NVome presulenl. Pioiccliuns show that lire svsiein lavois s]reciah'ls is moiic\ ; iiumtrer ol sub-s|recialisis in 111lcn1.1l American Medical medicine w ill increase by 2 ( 1 .^ [rercciii Assoei.itioii show s lire Irelwccii l‘) 7 K and l‘WK. During lire tiiul- _ airesiliesiologish it is alxnii s 2 () 0 ,(KK). die pro[of mctiical-sclux.l , iconics aie gpidualcs expressing mieresi m primary ;„iiactise to lesi.lenis dcciii Ktnnim . ' "My (m their hoiieynnmii to AVapiilo’, they hrmiithl Iter parents Imithers, ~ITi T^n T“jntrrony tiijw ti-v T-miti?

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