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One is guilty of ‘Purple Pill’ thinking when they have been readily exposed to Red Pill beliefs, attitudes, and advice …

yet, these men instead choose to move forward with Blue Pill influenced thinking and behavior.

The only alteration to appearance necessary for the beyond alpha might be growth of an excessively large beard, which likens the beyond alpha to great philosophers and prophets rather than muscle-bound athletes, field hands, or steroid junkies.

The beyond alpha does not approach women or even participate in the sexual market, but rather sets up his own system, his own market.

Dating rituals between men and women in 2017 are nothing like the dating rituals between men and women in 1917.

Dating today is a totally different ball game, and single heterosexual men need to be properly prepared for it.

The vast majority of women are far too dishonest, manipulative, and/or promiscuous to be any man’s wife, fiancée, or long-term girlfriend.” was to highlight the fact that most single heterosexual men today have very little interest in long-term monogamous sexual relationships with women any longer.

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Here, telling stories and mastering musical instruments is the beyond alpha’s version of weight lifting or practicing confident pick up lines.

More about Alan Roger Currie can be found on Wikipedia.org; Visit Currie’s main website to find out more about his Email consultations, Skype & Telephone consultations, and One-on-One / Face-to-Face Coaching sessions.

Currie also has an active You Tube channel where he offers his own unique brand of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and general advice related to dating and relationships.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with a woman offering to be the ‘financial provider’ in her relationship or marriage with a man.” Comment: The days of all men ‘wining and dining’ women to impress them are slowly fading away.

Today, many men now expect women to ‘wine and dine’ them.

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