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With at least two players to each game, individual feelings, wants, and expectations affect the path a relationship takes.

Let’s say after three months, you and your current beau approach this fork in the road.

In a final push to ensure the celebs find love before the big day, Eden and Nadia host a mixer for the celebrity boys, Joey Essex, Perri Kiely and Jonathan Cheban.

As soon as Jonathan walks through the doors, he spots his ex, Kim Kardashian lookalike Chanelle. Or will he be turned by the other beauties all desperate to date a famous face?

Similarly, experience in dating usually can help many develop a list of preferences and a set of standards. However, as wretched and hurtful as they may momentarily feel, heartbreaks and bad experiences can toughen one’s hide, helping one to realize that life isn’t over if or when one’s crush turns out to be nothing short of an inconsiderate idiot, providing the strength to leave a hopeless, negative situation.

During this time, daters concurrently enter the realm of cerebral thinking, creating mental, subjective pro-con lists about their date(s) and shaping their feelings.

Perceptions of reality, desires, dislikes, and personal intentions influence one’s actions, interactions, and reactions towards his/her sweetheart, setting the stage for relationships ranging from fling, friend, and foe to fiancé, fluke, and plain frustrating.

“I’m trying to find something wrong with him, but I just can’t find anything! I kept silent, wondering if that was a sigh of relief because he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, or of exasperation because she failed to find a flaw to decrease or deaden her growing feelings for him.

“It’s only been three months,” Carrie reminded her. Give it some time before stressing out.” Ah, the honeymoon period.

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