Winchester 30 30 saddle carbine serial number dating

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When sewn on a uniform these always look quite nice.

Description: Here is a nice original badge with the crimped ball hinge and crimped flat steel catch. Unfortunately the main pin has broken off of the back and the piece is ever so slightly curved.

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The pewter spout is out of round and this example is missing the chain and stopper.

The brass knobs on the back helped to fasten the die to the top of the press (fly press or screw press).

A thin piece of brass was laid over a plate of lead.

Description: Here is an original working die for a Civil War breastplate. The main female die is stamped into a brass ingot with posts on the back.

Once the die came down, the soft lead backing and pressure would assist in shaping the stamped brass item. Description: Here is an excellent set of post Civil War embroidered militia coat trim.

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