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The pop star has scrapped proposals for the ‘whimsical’ retreat in the garden of his £17.5 million West London mansion. The 71-year-old sighs: ‘Filming was a challenge, as the weather in England is insane. ”'Our weather is almost as fickle as Keaton’s love life. The 45-year-old, who has dropped two dress sizes on nutritionist Amelia Freer’s Metabolic Balance diet, wails: ‘I’ve lost more than 2st .

Robbie, 43, withdrew his application after I reported this week that neighbours said the ‘visually obtrusive’ hut, measuring up to 12ft 9in tall, would overshadow their homes and ‘increase a sense of enclosure’. The former partner of Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Al Pacino rules out a future husband.

Currently on a family holiday in Tanzania, David Beckham shared online this picture of himself kissing daughter Harper on the lips — reigniting the controversy caused when wife Victoria posted a similar snap of herself and their daughter last summer. For the sometime broadcaster advocates using a whole bottle of champagne — to make, ahem, soup.

Many spoke out to defend the president, claiming the knee-bend was nothing more than a kind gesture to accommodate the older, shorter King.He sparked controversy again when he bowed in front of Japan's Emperor Akihito. Bush was globally ridiculed after being pictured holding hands with a Saudi prince. Go fetch Donald,' said another in reference to the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud Medal, a civilian order which is given to non-Muslim foreign heads of state.Michelle Obama was accused of a serious breach of British royal etiquette when she placed her hand on Queen Elizabeth's back during a meeting in 2009. Even his own camp didn't appear to approve of the move.Classical singer Natalie wrote next to a picture of the event she posted online: ‘So much love for the main man of the moment.’ No doubt she sang her father-in-law some satanic verses as he blew out his candles. ’Emma Freud, the partner of multi-millionaire saccharine film-maker Richard Curtis, has been passing on her cookery tips, having returned from a luxury gap year with her family in New York.Offering his ‘richest blessings’ to Pippa and James after their celebration a fortnight ago, the Reverend Nick Wynne-Jones, of St Mark’s Church, Englefield, writes in his latest round robin: ‘A wedding is a time of solemn commitment, as well as feasting and joy.’A kiss is just a kiss — except when it’s a photo op for the Beckhams. They are not recommended for those who are tightening their belts, however.

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