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And then one day, as I was editing some HD footage, it occurred ot me that my G5 here - my now outdated G5 - was editing 1080p high-def footage without so much as a flinch. So I really have to ask - does Apple really need to get into that stupid-ass PC specs war?Is it really hurting you guys that Apple has been slow to update?When they go Merom I want the MBP's and MB's to have useful, practical features.More ports, user-removable hard drive, better battery life, better video card, stuff like that.

About the only thing that I find disappointing about this release is the lack of a new filesystem. I don't see Apple moving to any version of Reiser FS or ext#, so I think we are stuck with HFS and extensions/improvements of it, until the ZFS situation gets clearer.

Early versions of Handbrake used only two processors, new version uses four.

Photoshop will use as many processors as there are. Play it over the weekend - My biggest problem is theres nothing ground breaking about it.

To saturate an octo, you need to be doing a hell of a lot of things at the same time.

No, you only need software that doesn't think multiple processors = two processors.

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