Who is louie vito dating 2016

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Las Vegas and Phoenix are the only two cities in the nation with populations of more than one million that are not linked by an interstate.

When complete, Interstate 11 (I-11) will enhance travel and commerce between Arizona and Nevada then eventually to Canada and Mexico.

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Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) the speed just changed for him..not sure..has been slaughtered already. Dallas Jaros (Michagian): Do u Jason Dawes (Concord NH): do you think shaun white is the greatest snowboarder of all time? Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) haha it is good but i am taller than leblanc n nima and some others. GReg (america): you got a favorite team in any other sports? Ryan Armstrong (Fort Wayne, IN): do you ride much slopestyle? i am 6feet 11inches Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) u are like a foot n 5 inches taller. Evan (Buffalo): what do u do in ur spare time Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) chill..sleep. (jersey): yo louie how did you like that ohio state penn state game? Connie (California): hey louie is this thing on when you riding Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) tonight. Nicole (Maryland): Hi louie.sent u add request on myspace. Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) do it...myspace.com/louie_vito and i got facebook.The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is leading the effort to complete I-11 from US-95 to US-93 near the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, approximately 12.5 miles. The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is constructing the portion of I-11 from Railroad Pass to US-95, approximately 2.5 miles. Both phases will be built simultaneously beginning in the spring of 2015 with construction expected to be complete in 2018.Winter X Sat Chat 1/24/09Sports Nation ESPN: ( PM ET ) We'll be LIVE with Louie Vito during Men's Snowboard Slope Style! Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) yea mad river was just down the street. AND are we going to see you at he Open at Stratton? but bang bang, lago, peetu.ilovenotredame93 (New york): how long have you snowboarded for Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) since i was like 5 or 6Connor (MI): wat u gonna trhow down tomorro? Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) YEAAA...shout out to ROME NYDeezy (Tahoe): your gay LV Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) hey deezy, is that why you call me all the time. Lexaa (Pittsburgh PA): What kind of music do you listen to Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) rap rap rap..rock too but (jersey): whats your favorite trick louie? Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) no favorites..i like the ones i land. Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) shaun Jacob (Bellefontaine, OH): Are you still hurting at all from your recent injuries? Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) i have known eddie since before he was pro..is the MANEn-eh (LA): Watching ABC in Los Angeles, says it's "live"... Dallas (Westbloom field, Michagian): y dosent any of my Messages go through Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) i might just be gettin (jersey): what is your worst injusry and how did it hapen? Evan (Buffalo): swhat do u think of whites last run (except of the fall Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) hes good Matt (Philadelphia,pa): Hope you do good vito Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) thanks man.davis (Washington): do u like mt hood Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) all summer. Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) Yea xgames is fun to be at, The conditions arent the best, but It makes it alil more challenging and fun. Phil (Michigan): Hey Louie, how many times does it take you before you land a new trick? i love going back to vt, just by the open i am ready to film and relax..gf.chelsea (denver): Hey Louie, I saw you up at breck for the dew tour, it was sick! Christina (STW, Oklahoma): What's your favorite video part of the year? Lagos in Grenades movie and Keegan Vailaka in Bozwreck 2laura counts (batesburg south carolina): who is your favorite rider to ride with Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) danny kass, bang bang, the Frends, MFM, Stevie Bell, Biittner and DEadlung Kelly (Pittsburgh): Hey there! havent been partying too hard but def have been goin out.chelsea (denver): My friends and I had VIP tickets for the dew tour, we loved watching you from the tower! all over.chelsea (denver): whats your favorite mountain to ride in Colorado? Reggie (Arizona): do you like riding at snowpark, NZ? and thinks ur cute no homo Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) hahaha word word. Christina (STW, Oklahoma): Have you ever no-boarded? Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) not like some of the no boarding goin on these days. Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) haha we both got the vito name so it is tough to say. Wish i was there :)Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) thanks i appreciate it. Meredith (Vermont): well say hello to your favorite fans for me! Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) i will thanks for hitting me up. Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) he didnt make finals in slope but he will be killin it in the pipe tonight i am suree Phil (Michigan): Did you just see Shaune White's run? Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) he knows how to hold on and never toch the hands. :) Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) The parties are always good here. Reggie (Arizona): do you smoke blunts Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) hahaha easy.. Jeremy (Michigan): what is lined up for you after the x games Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) Grand prix, dew tour, italy, japan. Shout out to him right (ct): yo u gotta talk with my girl on fb shes a hugeeee fan. Jeremy (Michigan): nice hope you kick ass at all of them Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) haha thanks man.laura counts (batesburg south carolina): how supportive is your hometown friends and family of your snowboarding Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) They are super supportive. Sysqo (San Diego): One of the best with the camera Louie Vito: ( PM ET ) no doubt and a good dude. Cole barash and Andy saberhagen (oklahoma): who's cooler: you or Vito Corleone?

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