Who is kandi burrus dating other movies like blind dating

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Burruss was not happy and felt taken advantage of …So who is this boyfriend that tore up Burruss’ property? However, there were reports that Benny was the man that Joyce had asked to set up her daughter’s husband. I meant if he was really behaving that way not when he’s posing with fans. Nonetheless, with Burruss buying her mother a new home, this left her with the task of leasing out or selling her original house.Mama Joyce told her daughter that her boyfriend Benny had decided to do renovations on the house, but when Burruss checked it out, the house was practically demolished and had tens of thousands of dollars in repairs needed.Now they're trying to throw me in it, and put my kids into it.I've seen on the Internet that they even have my child's mother on there. Once they get to know me, they'll know that I'm not a bad guy.It's been like this all of my life.""Kandi didn't come in and wreck any home.I didn't have a baby mama staying with me when I met her. It's just a shame that people are accusing her of doing things like that.

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This is why the rate of HIV/AIDS is so high in the black community, so this comment is most assuredly not hating Whatever. But with all of the statistics concerning black women and STDs/HIV, I can't blame men outside the race for not wanting us. If you add it, it does make sense all reality shows are taped a year in advance so what they are showing now was actually tape last year 2009 maybe a little from early this year mind you it is almost 2011 so last season that aired was taped in 2008 if you have read or watch Kandi stated that when he had passed they were broke up and they had broke up shortly after the show wrapped tapping so you think about it, it does make sense. HE HAS ONE BABY MOMMA AND U DON'T KNOW WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES WERE WHEN -THEY WERE TOGETHER-SO ZIP THE LIP AND HAVE A SEAT!!!!

You can try oh, will make you satisfied Khandi sure does love men with SEVERAL kids.... She needs to spend more time raising her daughter than trying to help these whack ass men with their kids... 28 and got all them kids Wowwwwww you know Kandi momma wasn't down with AJ and all his kids so she can't be down with this He sound like this Jets player who is 26 with 8 kids with 6 baby mommas in several states,that's a lot of baby mommas to deal with Kandi just sayin Yeah and when phony Phaedra leaving and how does that hair dresser know her husband the ex con dude look like he was mad nervous lol This is rediculous, 28 yrs. Is there something wrong with waiting until you find a wife settle down and then have kids.

I can see an athlete having ONE child out of wedlock but 5 kids?! Cosign...that's one of the major problems with the black community, How many baby mothers'?? Idk I know the Bible says to be fruitful and multiply but damn.

Mama Joyce never moved into the house and said she wasn’t fond of living so far away from her daughter.

Mama Joyce is a tough woman and often butts heads with Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker, so moving close by probably wasn’t the easiest thing for Tucker to get used to.

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