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These days I couldn't even tell you who's on the radio where. When it comes to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, what are you most proud of? We may be a big, nationally syndicated show, but we're still a community of people; we're still trying to be a hometown.

On live radio [you work in the moment]; you can't do that anywhere else.

It's a mid-September day at WHTZ (Z100) New York, the flagship pop-radio powerhouse of i Heart Media, and Calvin Harris is maneuvering his 6-foot-6-inch frame into the studio of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, where the host, standing a full head shorter than his guest, gives Harris an enthusiastic bro hug."Look at you! " jokes Duran, introducing the superstar DJ to his co-hosts, Bethany Watson and Danielle Monaro, and to his "killer dog, Max [a miniature schnauzer], in case we have any security problems."For the 52-year-old Duran, who has been on the airwaves since he was a 14-year-old rookie announcer at KMMK Mc Kinney, Texas, the encounter is another chance to give one of today's hottest artists -- who make Duran's Morning Show an essential promotional stop -- the perfect radio podium without any potentially uncomfortable subjects, such as Harris' much-publicized breakup with Taylor Swift.

The easy rapport between the two helps explain why the morning program has become a habit for 10 million listeners in more than 80 markets (according to i Heart Media), and why Duran has been behind the breakfast-hour microphone at Z100 for an incredible 20 years.

If they want to talk about it, I'll make them comfortable enough where they can bring that up on their own.

If an artist is going through a lot of bad publicity, I don't want to ask them about that.

The native Texan, who does not reveal his birth name, retains no accent from his Lone Star State youth.

He lives in Tribeca within walking distance of the Z100 studios with his partner of six years, Alex Carr -- "my boyfriend," says Duran, who came out on the air in 2010 -- and Max.

Be OK with who you are, and it really can open a lot of doors.

When you leave the studio, are you still focused on radio? There was a time in my career when I would read the radio gossip columns and do everything I could to plant my name in there in case I wanted a better deal. But when I walk out of here, I'm just a guy in New York walking down the street, wondering what's for lunch.

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