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That portion of the conversation trended online for days.“I feel like so often we have people brought to the table to have these ‘discourse’ conversations and all they're doing is being passive with each other and trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings,” Seales said just days later.

“But there’s a reason why the phrase ‘the truth hurts’ exists, because it can be very painful to face the facts.…“We are in this world now where we [are] letting everything slide because we don't want someone to not like us.

We have two guests that come every month to compete in a number of games that I write and create. It creates conversation and it exposes audiences who don’t typically have access to that conversation to the point of view of black folks.

They involve using humor and wit to talk about black culture, black history, and the black experience in ways that educate and entertain. And for black folks, it creates a space of celebration that we often don’t get to have.

), her refreshingly honest comedy, and her viral takedown of Caitlyn Jenner. Making people laugh is my first love, and standup is the most authentic space to do that in. It’s actually an anomaly how positive the response has been. It’s very rare that something happens and you get a 95% approval rate.

Ahead, she shares tons of empowering advice, proving that she has one of the most important voices in Hollywood right now. (Styled By: @bryonjavar | MU: @reneemadeulook | Hair: @dickeyrules | Dress: @nobodyjonesboutique | Shoes: @stevemadden | Purse: @gucci ) A post shared by amandaseales (@amandaseales) on Hello Giggles: You perform in many different ways: acting, standup, hosting, writing. Second is writing and producing — writing something and then seeing people do it is super fun. I’ve literally not had one person say anything adverse to me about that situation. But I didn’t have to answer, because everyone on my Instagram was like, HG: In your opinion, is it more important to change somebody’s mind, or help someone feel represented and supported?

And seriously, if you don’t follow Seales on Instagram, please remedy that. I like to see other people take my stuff to another level of funny. Acting is a whole other muscle: getting into character, going down the journey of someone else’s path. AS: At the end of the day, if you can get both accomplished, that’s awesome.

HG: What are you focusing on now that Season 2 of , 100 percent. I feel like my standup these days sounds like funny TED talks. When people leave, they’re like, And of course, auditioning for movies and working on my own scripts and really wanting to continue to create projects that can enliven and encourage and empower people. And then randomly, my Instagram stories have introduced me to a whole group of other people.If I could just talk about racism and sexism, I really would. But I take it literally, because I am a literal person. The accomplishment there is cool, but it’s not really about you. Whereas when you empower someone, you’re giving them something that hasn’t been given to them in that way before.[] But whether it’s talking about relationships or sexism or racism, or the proper etiquette on a flight, it’s always coming from an intellectual space that intends to make people think while they’re laughing. It’s for obvious reasons, but every word I say is thoughtful. You’re creating a positive trajectory that helps folks share that with other people and empower other people.Maybe because they’re too angry about it, or they’re not interested in it, or they just don’t find anything about it funny. [ I have some of those traits in myself, so I can’t totally hate her. HG: Are we going to get to know Tiffany more this season? Their conversations and her point of view and her stance in those conversations will reveal more to y’all about Tiffany that you think you hate, but you’re gonna love!is my game show that I created based on black popular culture, black history, and the black experience. It’s very ‘90s heavy, because ‘90s nostalgia is the best era of black culture.

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