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I wanted a G19, but I couldn’t shoot the damned thing as accurately or comfortably as I can my very GLOCK-ish single stack Kahr CW9.The G42 changes all that (and saves me more than a quarter pound of ballast on my hip).You don’t buy a 42 to begin with if you’re not already OK with carrying a .380.You buy one because it is, in fact, a slim, easily-concealed, relatively light weight pistol that you’re likely to pack every day.Sure, it’s a little longer than most .380 carry guns, but it has real, useable sights.People (like me) with small hands loved the feel of the gun. – GLOCK has been selling truckloads of the things since they first hit the stores.

Yes, it’s a little bigger than a P3AT or LCP, but it’s remarkably comfortable to hold and won’t bruise your palm at the range.

On the other end of the spectrum, a relatively lighter shooting round like the Barnes XPD doesn’t seem to cycle the gun at all.

So it would seem that the 42’s recoil spring is rather tightly wound, so to speak.

Maybe not everyone was as disappointed as it seemed.

So in evaluating the GLOCK 42, talking about it being “only” a .380 – and the fact that it’s not made in the caliber “everyone” really wanted – is pretty much beside the point.

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