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Same restart will be required and your updates should now be listed in Programs and Settings.

The same thing applies to when you are trying to apply or install updates for other browsers, Chrome and Firefox in particular.

And every once in a while an updatewill install but I don't know why. I run several free security software programs: Avast, Threatfire, Ad-Aware, Super Anti-Spyware, IObit Security 360, and Glary Utilities with Online Armor Firewall. Quite often that will jump start a program to run on its' own, and if it doesn't, you can just go to "Computer" in the hierarchy of your machine, then to Downloads, which could either be in "C" or your machine's name, or even under YOUR name. When you are done, it will ask you to do another restart, but you can actually finish several downloads before you do the restart. I would remove the many anti programs and install Windows Security Essentials.

Obviously cleaning out the unnecessary files will be helpful.

Dell finally agreed it was a motherboard issue but would not replace it free, stating the laptop was out of warranty, even though Dell had documented our MANY calls from the month we purchased the laptop.

Also after 3 years there is no noticable slow down in my computers performance, I have never known anything like that with any previous version of Windows. My best advice is to save up for W7 and dump Vista as soon as possible.I also suggest that you install the latest version of Firefox 4 and select add ons and install Bit Defender.You will have a tiny Red dot in the Tab that let's you run it at will.Some of the 'successful' solutions on the boards were SO complicated and still more miss than hit.Vista wouldn't download updates for me, wouldn't let my printer use its full range of features and wouldn't respond even when I asked it nicely.

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