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And with him, to give the party a real touch of Hollywood, will be scores of your favorite actors. BILLS BEEN GIVINGME A RUSH ALL EVENING LONG Use Mum this way, too! Ever since Hollywood has been con- scious of Marie, she has been going with Director Nick Grinde. Yet Marie says that their wedding will be "far in the future." Hollywood wonders why. When you know the 40 Mane wasn't getting very far in pictures tdl she met Director Nick Grinde, above. , earned 0.00 in one week and received 2 new cars, as extra bonuses. Start eating Fleisch- mann s Yeast now— one cake % hour before meals. Building-up from an Awful Let-down [Continued from page 39] the Broadway opening was the most brilliant event since George Gershwin conducted the overture at the premiere of Of Thee I Sing. No surprise to the readers of this department were either the Mary Phillips-Kenneth Mc Kenna marriage, or the week-later wedding of Bogart and Mayo Methot. CUPID'S COUPLET: Charlie Martin and pretty Nan Grey- They've already set the wedding day.

Last year such outstanding film folk as Robert Taylor, J immy Stewart, Judy Garland, Mischa Auer, Hugh Herbert, Wayne Morris, Nan Grey, John Payne and Anne Shirley came, saw, and bad the time of their lives. Without stopping perspi- ration, Mum banishes every trace of odor for a full day or evening. Avoid worry and embar- rassment by using Mum on Sanitary Napkins. TAKES THE ODOR OUT OF PERSPIRATION When Answering Advertisements, Please Mention August MOTION PICTURE 11 ;arneux is ,ie girl everyone's diking about today. He took such an interest in her that their friendship ripened into love. mirror says: "Complete new make-up needed." No cream with you.. but, thanks to the quickies in your purse, HE sees you at your best! 100 quickies in a bou- doir jar and 15 in the purse vanity 55c . I never expect to live down one episode that happened that evening. HOLLYWOOD like to know why Robert Montgomery spends so much time at the nite clubs instead of home?

Ben Maddox 41 Merle Oberon Speaks Her Mind About Marriage Virginia T. On Tuesday members of each Tour will be taken from their hotel to Universal City where they will have luncheon in the Universal Studio commissary. s 38 There's one thing about Ann in a daring swimsuit — she surely takes your mind off this recession. At that time, Frances announced right out loud that "I have no intention of marrying while I'm in Hollywood; it's too precarious an ad- venture to risk." Hmmmmm. TI IOSR who cynicized that he'd soon for- get may as well know that Bill Powell his set aside a fund to assure that there shall he plaeed at the crypt of Jean Harlow, every day, a fresh gardenia. He's given her a big home in Texas, and has told her that she can make him happiest of all by promising to quit the screen forever. No sooner do the gossips of Hollywood think he's all a-jitter over Merle Oberon than George ups and confuses them 14 There was still another happy flock of Movieland Tourists who, in taking the trip to Hollywood, were party guests of Bob Burns. This time it's Wayne Morris who's reported headed altarward — and NOT with any of the Hollywood lovelies with whom he's been exploring love's ramifica- tions of late. Her very tall, white felt Cossack hat was trimmed with black braid. She told me that with her a fancy dress is unusual — she generally goes tor the simple frocks pepped up with blight buttons and gadgets. Maureen takes four of these bracelets and fastens them in loops across the front of a black wool dress — two on either side of the center neck opening. ''HE town has gone completely daffy about jewelry — so there are going to be a lot of charm brace- lets left over to do things with. Luise Rainer was lunching not far from us, and I noticed the clever old-gold pendant she was wearing on her suit lapel. Blue glass in the form of Dutch shoes, they were filled with brilliant clusters of glass flowers. The latest thing to take shape under her carving knife is a lapel ornament in the shape of a yacht with real white linen sails. 'Cause 1 had a terrifically heavy date coming up for dinner and dancing at the Victor Hugo — so I had to go snatch that quick hair-do and manicure. 1, sponsored by Fawcett Publications, Inc., they will climb aboard a special, transcontinental train at Chicago and head for Holly- wood, the colorful, glamorous mecca of tourists the world over. Things are all wool and a yard wide, and living's soft as eider-down. sure-thing player of movie- land is Writer Charlie Grayson, who dates such proven honeys as Nancy Carroll and [Continued on page 8] T i Darlin' — AFTER a whole montli of Hollywood fashion snooping, I've come to two conclusions: you either wear a plain dress and a lot of costume jew- elry, or a "different" dress fancy enough tor a cos- tume hall. The skirt was heavy black crepe — flared and quite short. Cecilia told us that she has taken up wood carving — simply because she likes variety in buttons and lapel ornaments. Joan Blondell would rather talk baby clothes right now than anything else — but she did forget them long enough to show us the clever triple handbag she was carrying. A LOT more movie gals were lunching there, but T didn't have much time to go table-hopping and hod out what they were wearing. But I did manage to snatch a look at Marsha Hunt as 1 went by, and saw that her lapel ornaments were tiny figures made of blown glass. Yet it removes dirt and cosmetics so thoroughly, leaving your skin clearer, softer . And well they should, for it is on this date that as members of Movieland Tours No. She has been in Hollywood some seven or eight months and is already well- [Continued on fagc 52] 37 IT'S all duck soup for the Black Sheep these days. Simply find the 10 hidden names of movie stars or players who have beautiful legs. Danielle Darrieux inspects her make-up, the better to dazzle you with. Bob Taylor with sports jacket and crew neck sweater lights up and is more nonchalant. Dick Powell and his Irish setters always take their morning constitutional at the beach . During her transition, Carole (also known as Jane Peters and Carol Lombard) appeared in Arizona K i d, Bolero, Twentieth Century, My Man Godfrey, True Con- fessions and Nothing Sacred, among others. You'll notice I say that "I TRY to get on with" it. I've got about as much chance of interviewing Pat O'Brien, there in that star-jammed studio eatery, as Karloff has of playing Little Lord Fauntleroy. Or maybe — like the day I was sap enough to try to interview him on his own home grounds — he's got a roll under his arm, and when he spreads it out, it turns out to be a whole set of photog- rapher's proofs of his wife and two babies — Eloise and Mavourneen and Sean, you know. Her legs are artistically practical and beautiful." It is as simple as that! These pictures trace Carole's career from her Maclc Sennett days to her latest role in Fools For Scandal. But this is the cafe on the Warner lot, and the waitress knows her Pat. She says : "Yesslr, Mister O'Brien ; your Friday steak, sir," and she brings him a shrimp salad, and I try to get on with the interview. He'll shy away and want to know if you'd rather have Scotch or bourbon, or if you don't think Henry Armstrong's a better fighter than Bat Nelson ever was. And have you got your money on the Yanks and don't you wish you had a piece of the Senators, instead ?

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