Validating people

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I was dismayed when my oldest, who was always an ardent bread-eater, decided to go vegetarian as a teen, since in her mind vegetarian meant cheese pizza, pasta, even more bread and nary a vegetable in sight. Yet my training with Magda had taught me that if there was one reliable catch-all, go-to word to get me through the worried speculation and second guessing of parenthood: trust.Trust, whenever and wherever it’s possible, reasonable and age-appropriate, is one of the most profound gifts we can give our children.

” This, as opposed to the far less self-affirming one: “Finally, I did what my parents have been wanting me to do! Trust is also a gift for parents, because it means we don’t waste our energy trying to urge development forward or “fix” issues that are usually best resolved by providing children with a nurturing environment and leaving the rest up to them.

Another concern I’d had was that even in their early teens, both my daughters were uncomfortable engaging with adults they didn’t know well.

But by the time each was 15, this discomfort magically lifted and was replaced with genuine enjoyment.

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