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I would like it to have expendable memory or alot of internal memory around 16gb, have a large screen say larger then 8 inches if possible and around or below 260 (0) and what your viewpoints of them are.

I've had a look at the kindle DX, nook color and the archos 101 tablet though I realise the Motorola Xoom and LG slate are coming out soon.

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So maybe you can Google those and/or check reviews online before even buy a tablet. It also has an IR touch screen which makes navigating much less cumbersome.Any chance of the Pocket Edge fitting into a bible cover/case ( I think if it would work it would be the best case! (Note: I'm on an EE, not a PE.) I think that bluetooth keyboards didn't work because the e DGe only supports bluetooth headsets(very strange for a device with no phone capability), though I may be wrong. I found useful to have USB-to-Ethernet adapter (Star USB2106S) as some places don't have wireless network, but have wired.Has an interior pen pocket (great for a full sized stylus), an outside pocket (great for the charger and/or usb drive), and most importantly using your pocket edge in church (just kidding, But I do have the bible on mine) If this works can I has some karma, LOL Penru, there's a thread about cases on the forum, and one of the best received suggestions is to use a Bible case! I've seen a lot of keyboards work with the device, I think as long as it supports USB HID(99% of USB keyboards do, if not more) you should be fine. My friend who also has a PE found that he needed to install an android app to implement the HID for the bluetooth keyboard.Recommend the matte versions for more because they resist fingerprints pretty well. DGe-Skins My favorite Apps include: Amazon App Store App Amazon Kindle App Nook Android App (Books from Barnes and Noble can be read on e-Ink side) Maple Paint Daily Strip Comic Strip Viewer Andy-86 (TI-86 emulator) Voice Search by Google Talk to Me Cloud: Real-time speech to speech translator for Android.

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