Usps tracking not updating december 2016

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The USPS isn't scanning their packages nearly as often and by my best guess what has happened with each of my packages confirmed as delivered, but nowhere to be found by the buyer, is that they are scanned when they either arrive at the buyer's local post office or perhaps when they are sorted and loaded onto the truck for delivery that day.

Whatever point it occurs this final scan is coming before actual delivery yet it is stating that the package is not only "Out for Delivery" but "Delivered." If my buyer's mail carrier has a heavy load that day it might not be delivered.

I've been at my desk and tracked a UPS package that was listed as being "Out for Delivery" that day.

I've heard someone at my door and rather than getting up to check the mail I've simply refreshed my UPS tracking screen and seen that the package is now listed as "Delivered." I get up and lo and behold, there's my delivered package.

I don't want this post to seem like another empty complaint so I will offer two suggestions for USPS and their Delivery Confirmation service: 1) Scrap it or 2) Fix it.

After this happened for the second time this weekend I figured I either really hit the jackpot in being the only guy who's had this problem not once, but twice, or far more likely others are seeing it too.

I post this simply to offer an explanation to buyer and seller alike that all will most likely be well tomorrow.

Sellers if you experience a false Delivery Confirmation please feel free to send your buyer here to read about what likely happened--it might help calm things down and I do like the traffic to my site. I don't want this post to be taken as a complete criticism of the USPS or especially its mail carriers--in fact I absolutely love my own mail carrier.

My two buyers, bless 'em, stayed with me because of my reputation and despite the USPS's reputation and to be honest I'm not sure either really believed me until their package showed up the next day!If you haven't received your package yet and are wondering where it is, chances are that when you type that Delivery Confirmation number into the USPS website the only information you're going to see is that the package was scheduled for pick-up in your seller's local home town and if you're lucky you may be somewhat soothed by a second line declaring that the package was checked into your seller's local post office later that same day or the following day.The few times that I've seen any further update prior to actual delivery have only been when there are problems with the delivery: for instance it reaches the buyer's home town post office and then no further information is posted for a week as the package is trapped in some sort of postal purgatory.This post is for buyers and sellers of goods through the mail, specifically those sending or receiving their goods via USPS using Delivery Confirmation.I'm putting it here in the midst of my Classic Movie articles because despite all of the information I try to give you in that regard this is primarily an ecommerce site and I always ship via USPS.

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