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Mark lets him off the hook and tells him it's only a prank. (Mark also uses his now-infamous AUTOMATIC RE-DIAL) () BROILED LOBSTER TAIL Mark introduces himself as an old friend of the family to Monica and pries more and more information out of her and tells her to wake her mother up. He extracts some information and gets to talk to the husband, who is expecting photos of a group of school children. We don't have all the answers here, but the best we can do is lay out the facts. At least some of the calls take place in or around Dover, Delaware.

But amazingly, he stays on the phone for several more minutes and even wants to shoot him! When Cindy(the mother)comes to the phone, Mark makes small talk and invites her and her husband to dinner. Of course, Mark is talking about the naked pictures of Bertha ...(a classic) () PUT PAM BACK BACK ON Mark tries to get a date for the evening and she tells him he has the wrong person ... Some people insist that Mark is from Texas because of his accent and because they think Texas is the only state with a city called Odessa.

You'll notice that the clips are edited so that names and addresses are no longer included.

This is how I received the mp3's and I don't have the unedited clips.

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His new website is now called and you can once again download his remastered tracks.Feel free to post your own comments about the Mark Knofler page by using the form below. I have read through this board and not seen any mention of the original, unedited version of the Charlie Knighton call containing MK calling Charlie a nigger. It became a huge hit with everyone I played it for. i dubbed several copies for my friends and this has been a source of humor for years now! I might even have one (and a couple of better quality copies of a couple of these.) If I find it them I will send them to you. I thought that it was a friend of theirs, and considering the timing, it might have been.If you'd prefer to make a general comment about, try signing our guestbook instead. In the tapes I got (way) back in the late 80s, I distinctly recall MK calling Charlie a dumb fucking nigger. Everything posted here was on it except for parts of SLEEPING & SMEGMA PICNIC. The rumor at the time was that MK was a student at UVA and that he made the calls from his dorm room. There is no Odessa, VA and Mellon Bank was not operating in Virginia then. 12/01/05 - jmoo from NC: Why is some of this stuff edited out??? I started hearing it again in emails later on when the net took off.09/18/05 - rob from North Carolina: no, shit man this bitch will fuck anybody...ohh, hello is amada there? I haven't heard these calls since I was in 8th grade. How can Mark be from Kentucky if he made the calls in Deleware? He even says that he isn't making long distance calls. As far as the author of this tape is concerned, that is wonderful, and I can tell you that he wishes there were more people to claim that they ,made it too. We agree that at the time of the tapes, mark was from Deleware.first heard this in my dorm at East Carolina University back in 92. This dude I knew made a bootleg tape of them and gave them to me, and I thought is was the funniest shit I'd ever heard. 07/21/05 - Dennis Bonifer from Louisville, KY: I heard these first back in 89 while at UK, and couldn't get enough of them, in particluar the Amanda, aka Mandy, White and Charlie Naaaaaayton. 07/19/05 - donzine from NYC: I got this tape in High School in the late 80's in Connecticut and we listened to this tape to death over playing nintento techmobowl. My theory is that he's gone on to bigger and better things.

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