Us woman dating a croatian man yugoslavian women international dating

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When it is time to carry the body out of the house, the legs are laid straight to prevent his or her return, according to local folklore.Only the male members of the family are supposed to carry the body to the cemetery.People gather together at the cemetery and a priest often says the last blessings and prayers.

Traditional Croatian ways expect a young man's marriage proposal to start with an apple which has a coin stuck into it, referred to as the mark or obiljezje of his desire to marry.In ancient times, some Croats believed that the bride needed protection from evil spirits who wished to bring bad luck on her wedding day.One of the preparations to avoid this from happening was to put a veil over her face that could only be removed after the ceremony.If the thrown items do not reach the roof or falls back towards the bride, it is believed that the couple will separate in the future.Paying respect to the dead and their bereaved family is a cultural expectation in Croatia.

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