Updating sd card reader on pc

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In fact, after upgrade it will work in both the old Pi and the new Pi2, so you have the best of both worlds!How you upgrade your OS depends on whether you have NOOBs or if you have installed the Raspbian image.

Option 2 is the next best thing - you can keep some files, but you will lose the configuration, settings and any programs that you have installed. You can upgrade the operating system on your Pi so that it will work on your new Pi2.You can't just plug the old micro SD into to the new Pi2 without first upgrading the operating system.There are three options: With option 1 you will lose everything on your micro SD card, including all your hard work and configurations.So you can quickly revert back if there are problems.And you probably should revert back if you want to try another driver to remove any driver that doesn't work, so you don't have potentially conflicting files on your hard drive.

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