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This creates the file for you, alongside the zip file. If you already have a map on your card called gmapsupp.img, you would potentially overwrite it if you copied the new file over to the card. To do that, just right-click Now that you have the img file ready to go, just connect your Edge unit via a USB data cable.When you plug it in, you should see two possible locations appear – one for the internal memory of the device, and one for the SD card.If you'd prefer to not have to delete those files, you can also purchase an SD card for your Nuvi which will allow you to keep the files and still update your maps.Here is the link to the correct one for your Nuvi...https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?Ok, these instructions are long so please do not panic, ok? :-) These instructions will only work if you've already set it to "Show hidden files and folders" as requested earlier...I am sure you did that, but wanted to make double sure.

All the magic happens here – You can either do this by choosing the dropdown lists from the continent lists, or by manually choosing which particular tiles you want.

Log into your my Garmin account on your computer Select "my Maps"Click on "Manage Maps and Downloads"Below the your device, select the link that says "Details"Look for the Unlock Code shown on this page Copy all the unlock codes for your device Close your internet browser window Right click on your desktop, then left click on "new", and then left click on "Text Document"Double-click on the newly-created Text Document icon from the desktop (should open in Notepad)Type your unlock codes into this new document that you obtained just now from your my Garmin account.

Click File and Save as and change the file name to be Change the "Save as type" to "All files"Close the document and you should see the file on your desktop at this time.

Please remove unnecesary files from your device and try running the update again. Inside this folder are all the voices loaded onto your device.

I connect to the computer to upgrade the free lifetime maps and I get the following message: NOTE: Your device does not have enough space to perform a firmware update. Connect the device to your pc and then open my computer and double click the nuvi drive followed by the "voices" folder.

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