Updating exterior ranch style home

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I would add some black shutters and paint the trim black to match. And that link also showed how she redid the walkway area with some slate, made the planting beds kind of roll instead of being straight.

Then add some of those red hybrid tea roses (that grow so well in TX) to the front landscape of the house with some dark mulch.

I am thinking burgundy shutters will accent the colors you have now and will look good with the greenery. then I will be over with the doughnuts, so keep the coffee warm.

I personally like the serious take on a house like this, by not going a lighter-color route, rather paint black the gutters, shutters, trim on windows and door, and then put a plum-colored door. My comments on some of the above recommendations: Don't paint the gutters to stand out.

Since I did my major house renovation on my 1979 fixer-upper and now just this year have begun to work on the exterior of my house, I thought it would be fun to share ideas on how to update the exterior of your home, not only creating curb appeal but also adding value to your home.

I’ve often read and heard that outdoor projects can drastically increase a home’s value and I’m sold on that idea.

Something that’s important to remember is that many ranch homes are sitting in a neighborhood chocked full of other ranches.

When it comes to remodeling ranch style homes, there’s nothing like some major construction to shake things up.

The biggest complaint about America’s most popular home style is that it’s boring.

Ranch homes in their most basic single story form are about as straightforward as you can get: four walls and a roof with no bells or whistles.

Any suggestions to make our house interesting here would be greatly appreciated!!!

I would obviously do a new door with a fancy glass. I would extend the planting all the way along the walkway to the front door to make it look more inviting.

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