Updating access database datagridview

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The reduced number of trips between client and server boosts performance.

A table-valued parameter is a new type of stored-procedure capability available in SQL Server 2008.

Figure 1 shows the results of the insert statement in Listing 3. The code at callout B declares the Data Table and sets the Data Grid View as this Data Table.

Third, you execute the stored procedure, as Listing 3 shows. (If you’re new to application development, the callout steps will help get you started.) The code at callout A in Listing 4 adds three assembly references.With table-valued parameters, available in SQL Server 2008, the update process is easy to implement and has little performance impact on the database.Table-valued parameters can be passed as read-only input parameters.Update Transaction Dates @Table Param = @New Table Param --Select from the table to verify the change SELECT * FROM Trans Log Note: The storedprocedure_is the insert procedure that passes the table-valued parameter with the matthewharrisapplication. The code at callout C creates a parse CSV as a public list.Book3.csv, which you can download, is an example comma-delimited file of the values that will be passed with the stored procedure. The code at callout D adds functionality to the Browse button.

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