Twitter no longer updating facebook

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In order to post your Facebook status updates to Twitter, you will need to find your status update RSS feed.To do this, go to your notifications page by clicking ‘ is unchecked.On the flip side, there is often a lot of content that is of interest to both your Facebook and Twitter friends, and finding a way to easily share that information across social networks can be a timesaver.If you want to get your tweets on your Facebook wall, the following three apps are a good place to start.The following procedures explain how to set up your automatic posts, and how to discontinue them, should you choose to do so later.Before you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your app platform in Facebook must be turned on.

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If you’re active on both Facebook and Twitter it can be a hassle updating both social networks at the same time.It’s worth noting that if you’re tweets are protected, none of these apps will work.Selective Twitter is an app which allows you to selectively post your tweets to your Facebook wall.To verify that the platform is turned on: If you ever want to discontinue automatic Facebook posts to your Twitter feed, there are two different ways you can accomplish this.If you want to stop automatic Facebook posts to Twitter, you can disable all types of posts or limit it to certain types of posts.

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