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It isn’t easy to have dedicated your whole winter to training and discipline only to have it all wiped out within 44 miles.The Changes: With about half a course left unknown to anyone but David and I, and with the exceptional experience we all had with the town of Grinnell, it was a “no-brainer” to come back to that site and plan another course. Adding to it would be easier and should allow for a quick recon before winter, if we were diligent about getting on the stick! I asked them, “Besides a nearly universal, “nothing”, we got a great suggestion from John Gorilla, who stated we needed to do something about the registration.Trans Iowa History Made: Eventually, with attrition, the roster ended up being at 76 riders for the start. We also started a record amount of “rookies” at 40 riders, and we had a record Women’s open field at 5 riders. V7 story: Here are my links to the story: History Is Made!Of course, getting Janna Vavre as a finisher got us off the schnide with regards to having a women finish Trans Iowa. Pre-Race Meat-Up Getting Started Settling In Hangin’ Around Day Into Night Into Day The Final Act Plays Out Epilogue Rider Re-Caps: from Emily Brock, Tim Ek, Troy Krause, Jeremy Kershaw, Jeremy Kershaw Take Two, Ben Shockey, John Williams, Ari Andonopoulos‘ , and a short pre-recap by Charlie Farrow. A special perspective from first time female finisher of Trans Iowa, Janna Vavra can be read here.We realized that on one hand, gravel grinding was more popular than ever, (as evidenced by my own site, Gravel Grinder News, which uncovered a slew of here-to-fore unheard of gravel grinder and back road events.), but on the other hand, Trans Iowa, by its very nature, would only attract a certain number of participants who would actually show up. At least 100 entrants would be allowed, up from a possible 75, and maybe more, depending upon developments.By the end of September, David and I had found some more pieces to the puzzle in putting the route together through our gravel grinding. Only fine tuning would be necessary along with a re-check in the spring.

These were ostensibly for fun, but underneath it all, we were looking for routes for T. David and I definitely saw some room for tweaking, and that it was time to expand the roster.

I contacted Jeff Kerkove again to see if he was still interested in doing another header, which he was. By Labor Day 2010, we had a new header and Trans Iowa V7 was “officially” set into motion.

The months of inactivity on the Trans Iowa side of life were not all in vain.

Riders went head long into this and got about a mile and a half up the road before figuring out they were wrong, and turned back to re-join the route where they should be. On my audio blog report, I clearly make reference to marking it, (before we knew of the snafu with regards to the riders), and David and I are quite sure we did mark it.

However; riders on the scene swear it wasn’t marked. It would be hard to fathom, since the riders were probably to that point within mere minutes of our posting them.

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