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They are one person in a larger body of people that act collectively.

The people are in the State and National government at that same time. The government is owned and controlled by the same people.

A look at the structure of the straw man entity shows the ownership/control relationship, and which position it is best to hold.

Prior to the redemption process [redemption is a term used among freedom loving people to describe the process of regaining control of your straw man], the man is considered both a beneficiary in the relationship and surety for the straw man.

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The state governors made a "pledge" to the federal government, to fund the bankruptcy.After redemption, the man is no longer a beneficiary, and is no longer surety.After redemption, the man is the controller and creditor with the highest lien hold interest in the straw man.The man has left the public as a beneficiary in sole relationship to the straw man to live privately as creditor in an aggregate relationship with the straw man.As far as this relationship is concerned, the straw man is privately controlled.

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