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The very low rent amount for the land is due to the age of the lease agreement, and the fact that it originally contained no escalation or adjustment provisions.Geodaisia – Modern Cartography from Tadataka Ino to Remote Sensing -more Tokyo Mosaic (2) – The Face of New Japan -more The Face of Medicine -more Quai Branly Tokyo - The Spell of Primary Colors: Polychrome Figures from Papua New Guinea --more Guimet Room Inaugural Exhibition “Small Chamber of Curiosities" --more The history of The University Museum goes back to 1966, when the University Storage Center for Research Materials was founded.Kimura Restaurant, The Kurahara Clinic, Nisei Grill, Seno Photo Supply and dentist Dr. The Mikado Hotel was originally constructed with 43 guestrooms, with shared restrooms and showers.After sitting vacant for over 30 years, development group, Capital Foresight purchased the building in 2014.

Our "micro-suites" minimize your expenses, and your footprint without minimizing your expectations and quality of living.In January 1906, following Japan's victory in the Russo-Japanese War, Japan and the U. mutually elevated their legates to the rank of ambassador. Embassy was closed shortly following the Pearl Harbor attack on December 8, 1941. Embassy remained closed during the Allied occupation, as the U. In 2007, the two governments agreed to renew the lease through 2027, following which the US government paid its unpaid rent.Several European powers did so at the same time, indicating a perception of equality between Japan and the major Western powers. Its American employees (including military attaches) were interned on the embassy grounds until June 1942, when they were sent by ship to Portuguese East Africa and handed over for repatriation. The annual rent for the underlying land was set at 7 million yen for 1998-2007, 10 million yen for 2008-12, and 15 million yen for 2013-27.This institution served various faculties since 1966.The main objective of the University Storage Center was collecting, classifying and preserving natural, cultural and historical research materials, in order to make these accessible for research.

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