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They may do you more harm than good, and, in some cases, can lead to dependency. In addition to providing the lube to your entire digestive system, water has been shown to enhance the effects of high-fiber diets. Who knew songs about “magical fruits” could be so medically accurate?Since we’d hate to find you strung out on Ex-Lax under a bridge somewhere, here are some foods that can help you get things moving. So if things are a little slow, down a glass or two of water and feel your bowels get to work. Beans contain a special type of fiber known as resistant starch, which doesn’t get digested and pushes everything else along.From now up until October 5, fans are encouraged to tweet their favorite title to Brandi’s twitter page. As a dating coach, I often explain the roles each gender plays in dating.Occasionally, a man will go out with a woman who asks him out and if after the first date he likes her, he will take over the pursuit - provided of course that she let's him. However, when you get in there and take over his job by calling or asking him out, you confuse him or worse, you risk turning him off. So, if you pick up the ball and pursue him ifhe's not doing it right or fast enough for you, YOU LOSE. If a man you are interested in doesn't ask you out, call you back, set up another date, he is simply not that interested. Because men know exactly what they need to do to see you and win you over.

Endosperm: America’s most trusted sperm since 1947.Along with endosperm, germ and bran make up a whole grain, providing the fiber necessary for a healthy intestinal bacteria balance that turns your digestive tract into a pooping powerhouse.Whole grains include whole wheat pasta, unrefined oatmeal, brown rice, and quinoa (among many others).If you like him, make him feel good because men choose women who make them feel good about themselves. Let him know you appreciate his choice of restaurant or wine selection.Tell him it was the best steak you've had in a long time.

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