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Meanwhile, Malik becomes frustrated with new bride Robin Givens, who spends more time acquiring publicity for their marriage than with him; and Derwin is stressed about becoming a dad, which adversely affects his intimate time with Melanie.

Season 3, Episode 5October 31, 2008Robin plans a belated wedding reception to gain more publicity for her marriage to Malik, but Tasha refuses to attend; Rick's overprotective mother (Penny Marshall) clashes with Tasha when they meet for the first time.

Kramer, shaken, decides to leave for California to pursue an acting career.

As George, Elaine, and Jerry exchange spare key privileges, Jerry and George learn that Elaine is secretly writing a Murphy Brown script; Kramer, later, is hired to play Brown's secretary.

Season 3 of Seinfeld ran from September 1991 to May 1992 and was composed of of 23 episodes.

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Elaine, having been ordered to fast three days prior to an X-ray, develops a ravenous appetite.Season 3, Episode 2October 10, 2008Melanie confronts Janay to discover if she is actually pregnant with Derwin's baby; Kelly plans a girls' night out in an attempt to deal with her separation from Jason; and Malik tells his mom about his marriage.Season 3, Episode 3October 17, 2008Tasha tries to keep her romance with Rick Fox a secret, but he wants to go public with it.The original logo features a blue "Seinfeld" over a yellow oval.George tells his ex-girlfriend the truth about why he ended their relationship; as a result, she checks herself into a mental institution.

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