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Vocal Type: Drunk Baritone Vocal Range: B♭1 - C5 Christian Oppel, stage name Godforbid, is best known as the lead singer of That Handsome Devil, but he was also one of the three rappers who worked together as the hip hop group Alaskan Fishermen.

The music of That Handsome Devil is eclectic, spanning across several different genres, creating a overall sound that could only be described as a highly experimental form of hip hop, if anything specific at all.

It filled me with energy and made me twitch my hips.

Curious, I searched the album out on Itunes, and I found what I consider a Holy Grail of music.

As a singer, he has a baritone voice, with a darkened, growly tone in his lower register almost like that of Tom Waits, and a relaxed, softer tone in his upper register.

The darkened tone in his lower register, created from what can be assumed to be a low larynx, often leads to inconsistency in his lowest notes (B♭1 - A2), but it does lend quite well to properly delivering the subject matters often discussed in THD songs.

However, he is also capable of crooning with a softer sound in the third and lower to mid-fourth octaves (C3 - G4), which he uses in the band's more swing-like songs.

He rarely uses his falsetto, opting for belts / mixed voice for most of his highs, but it has been shown in a few songs, such as Reagan's Kids, It's a Man's Man's Man's World, and Twist The Knife.

Teens engage in several fist fights, two of which draw blood from the participants.Overall, he is actually a surprisingly great singer, even if his mannerisms in singing can be off-putting to many listeners.")E♭4 - ("The Behind Your Back Dance", "Chinatown Bench", "Elephant Bones", "It's a Man's Man's Man's World", "Romance Is Dead")D4 - ("$=Love", "70's Tuxedos", "Charlie's Inferno", "Dating Tips", "Don't Go", "Elephant Bones", "Fairytale Of New York", "How To Get Money", "It's Trump", "Junkies In Love", "Marilyn Loves Heroin", "Party's Dead", "Rob The Prez-O-Dent", "Twist The Knife")C♯4 - ("Becky's New Car", "The Behind Your Back Dance", "Bored", "Bullet Math", "Chinatown Bench", "The Cops", "Eristocrats", "Fire", "I'm Too Sexy", "Party Mom And Invisible Dad", "", "Viva Discordia")C4 - ("Adapt", "Big Day For The Little People", "Charlie's Inferno", "A Drink To Death", "It's Trump", "Karaoke Burial", "Reagan's Kids", "Rob The Prez-O-Dent", "Romance Is Dead", "Standing Room In Heaven") Significant Low Notes: B2 - ("Adapt", "Bare", "Chinatown Bench", "Fire", "Goldfish Brain", "Hey White Boy", "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)", "I'm Real", "", "James Dean", "March", "Party's Dead", "Savages", "Throwing Up", "Time Machine", "Trust")B♭2 - ("The Cops", "It's a Man's Man's Man's World", "Karaoke Burial", "Loving Parasite", "Marilyn Loves Heroin", "Miss America", "Stockholm Syndrome", "Wintergreen")A2 - ("Black Elk", "Buyer's Remorse", "Charlie's Inferno", "Cry", "Dating Tips", "Disco City", "Don't Go", "Echo Chamber", "Emergency", "Fairytale Of New York", "Friends", "", "Karmakaze", "No Roots", "One More Try", "Pendulumonium", "Pills For Everything", "Powderbomb", "Reagan's Kids", "Romance Is Dead", "Savages", "Smilin' With A Gun In Your Mouth", "Standing Room In Heaven", "", "Fire", "Inside You", "Johnny Wouldn't Die", "Karaoke Burial", "Kiss The Cook", "Miss America", "My Pen Is A Shiv", "No Roots", "Viva Discordia")G2 - ("$=Love", "70's Tuxedos", "Adapt", "Bare", "Bored", "Big Day For The Little People", "Cowboys", "", "Echo Chamber", "Fake", "Friends", "James Dean", "The Last Ones", "Mexico", "Mr.Language includes profanity: "f--k," "piss off," "hell," "s--t" and some slurs: "queer," "homo," "faggot." The boys consume beer in social settings (including one gay bar), and mild intoxication occurs in one instance.Note: In Ireland, drinking is legal for kids 16 and over in some circumstances. Portrayal of teachers is particularly thoughtful and sympathetic, except for a one-dimensional homophobe.

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