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Despite having no prior agriculture experience, she knew she didn’t want to run a farm where every ant, bee and caterpillar had been practically annihilated from the site from industrial spraying. If it’s eggplant, I’m not going to grow one,” says Anderson.In fact, she now grows 30 – even pea eggplant, which can be painful to harvest. “And when you pick them, these tiny hairs fall off the tree … It blows onto you and you itch for days.” She learnt this by collecting the eggplant on a hot day – wearing only wearing shorts and a singlet – and “I itched for a week after that …The pre-prepared meals were like a calendar for the week: “we’d know if it was a Monday, because the meals would be a little more elaborate because she didn’t have to start work until later in the afternoon,” says Anderson.There’d be chilli relishes that began at an entry-level of spiciness and amplified in heat as the kids grew older.When Palisa Anderson was growing up, she’d carefully clean banana leaves and leave them to dry on coat hangers around the house.

A place where foreign men can go and meet a much younger and more attractive woman than they might have been able to meet at home.

And there’d be fried fish, because their mum had visited the fish markets.

But the week’s end, though, it was “dire straits” says Anderson with a laugh.

“It’s an array of everything that you gather around you.

When we cook at home, that’s how my mum loves to eat.” The key is having quality produce: “when your vegetables are so fresh, you don’t need a lot of trickery,” she says.

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