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If the theory about Alexander the Great is true, it suggests that he died not from malaria or typhoid, as previously suspected, but that he was poisoned by someone who had taken water from the mythical River Styx. v=r To H37JRqv Q The Lost City of Z is a mythological city nestled in the wilds of South America.

Supposedly, it was a massive, advanced civilization strangely inspired by ancient Greek cities and full of treasure and riches.

According to legend, the waters of the River Styx functioned as something of a polygraph test for the gods when Zeus forced them to drink it.

If they were lying, they would lose their voices and the ability to move for a year.

According to legend, Finvarra once abducted the beautiful bride of an Irish lord and carried her back to his kingdom.

The lord followed Finvarra and his bride to the hill and ordered his men to start digging, but every night as the men slept, their work was repaired by Finvarra’s fairies.

There were huge, unexplored areas of South America that were so deep and dense that there wasn’t really any way of knowing what was buried in the jungle.

One of the most famous people to go in search of the city—and disappear in the process—was Colonel Percy Fawcett.

Many of them are said to have entrances in the real world, meaning that it’s possible to at least stand on the doorstep of some pretty amazing places. Knockma Woods is located in the western wilds of Ireland, and it’s associated with a couple of major legends.Before this new information was uncovered, it was long thought that the Amazonian jungle wasn’t capable of supporting widespread agriculture, much less a giant city of these proportions.However, estimates suggest that the city was once home to somewhere around 60,000 people.The river was rumored to ultimately flow between two massive silver pillars, guarded by the nymph for whom the river was named.It’s also reportedly real, and its deadly waters are now thought to be what killed one of the greatest leaders in world history.

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