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One partner may gain weight, another may get on a health kick.Or a career may take off or you might have a baby, which changes everybody.He is committed to the Dolphins, but he will still pick one team over another depending on the circumstances.So when I tell you that I am committed to my marriage, and to Mark in particular, please do not be surprised when I also say that from time to time I "root" for the other team.I was a little concerned about actually dating Mark because he is 8 years younger than I am, but I have to admit that I was very attracted to him back then and am more so now, 21 years later.Mark was kind, patient and gentle, all things women are fond of saying they desire in a man.

Honesty, as is true for just about everything, is the best policy.

Anyway, soon after we started dating we also began our sexual relationship.

Early on I had noticed a potential problem between the two of us. Not to be vulgar or humiliating to Mark, but I believe you have a right to know, so I will be upfront and tell you that Mark's dick is just 4 inches long (maybe just a bit smaller actually, but I want to be generous to him).

But he is also very ambitious, which I am equally attracted to.

Mark is the IT Director of a medium sized nonprofit that services the physically and intellectually disabled.

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