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Woody Harrelson met Stone’s father while filming when he and his daughter went out with Emma and her father to a vegan dinner near the Atlanta set.

Hanging out with Alexandra Wolfe, Stone shares her oyster-mania, her rock-bottom moment, and her strategy for avoiding the sexy trap.

“My goal is to get you to have at least three oysters,” she announced, thrilled to have come across a newbie.

“You get to pick six and then I’ll pick six,” Stone instructed. Stone exclaimed, “It’s such a white night,” and ordered a bottle of Sancerre.

Along with the rest of the crowd—which that Saturday night in late May included Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and Matt Damon—the wide-eyed actress followed a slew of half-nude, blood-spattered actors rifling through coffins and gyrating with androgynous forms atop aging pool tables.

Against the backdrop of pickled bones, scattered teeth, and detective photos of mangled corpses, even with her mask on, Stone, 22, stood out almost as much as she does in Hollywood.

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