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I'm not sure yet what will need to be done, or how extreme.

I can say, though, that I could not have done my jobs without it.

My surgeon says that I have had erosion through the vaginal wall, which is apparently one of the possible complications.

I have been told that my options are: excise the piece of the sling that is pushing through my vagina (touted as the least invasive w/fastest recovery time); remove the sling and go back to the original problem of incontinence; excise the protruding piece and replace it with a piece of another sling (? I was leaning toward the excision of the piece of sling (I'm already out of sick days, so time off was a concern), but am now leaning toward a longer-term solution of replacing the sling.

This discussion is related to I had the Sling procedure three weeks tomorrow.

Apart from tiredness due to the anaesethic i have not experenced any side effects at all, I did not have a catheter inserted at any time, maybe that makes a difference?

My surgeon has deferred to another urogynecologic surgeon w/more experience than she has with repairs.

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I had the bladder sling 13 months ago and as soon as I came from under the anesthesia, I got up and went straight to the restroom-first time in three yrs that I could pee and start and stop the flow and not leak after I stood up to pull up my pants. Was out of work for 2 wks and all I did was kick back and let everyone wait on me--that felt good! had some soreness in groin area on both sides at the small incisions but after about 3 wks I was back to normal.

I was a teacher with behaviorally/emotionally disabled kids, and had to run, wrestle, lean exercise sessions, etc.

I now work with dogs, and do hard physical labor and exercise every day. The surgery did *not* fix the regular incontinence issue, but my meds take care of that constant urge.

Will they be able to remove the entire sling, or is it already embedded in my tissues?

Would you recommend waiting (w/discomfort) until I can get in to see the other drs. Or should I just go ahead and schedule the surgery since I'm pretty sure that that's what I want to do anyway?

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