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Meanwhile, Frank, Charlie, and Mac start their own band but can't agree on what type of music they should play.PM on a Wednesday Dee introduces The Gang to her new boyfriend—an up-and-coming rapper named Lil' Kevin.

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Finally, Charlie's illiteracy screws over the gang when he accidentally puts the bar up as a prize for a dance marathon, and all the enemies made throughout the course of the series enter the contest so they can take the bar away from the gang.The gang find themselves at odds with a more successful Korean pub owner who bears a striking resemblance to former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.Meanwhile, Charlie becomes involved with the owner's daughter (Tania Gunadi).The third season of the American comedy television series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiered on FX on September 13, 2007.The season contains 15 episodes and concluded airing on November 15, 2007.

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