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Two churns roughly in the same timeline of history — our policy of looking inward and the rise of China as a mercantile superpower — have hurt India's regional commercial ties and subsequently, minimised our geo-economic influence.

In the decades that we were pursuing self-limiting economic policies, China put in place policies that triggered rapid growth since the turn of new millennium.

Countries that have been traditionally and culturally close to India and fall within our immediate strategic sphere have also naturally been co-opted within the Chinese geostrategic sphere.

To give an idea about the scale in which this is taking place, Sri Lanka, our largest trading partner in Saarc, whose port in Colombo receives more than 70 percent trans-shipment from India, has received around billion funding and investment from China in 2016 alone, according to a report.

Most of these, says the report, are in "major infrastructure projects, especially ports and airports" and some are also in roads and railway network.

It will be wrong to view Beijing's actions solely from the lens of geopolitics.

It has neither the money to invest in such a cross-Continental economic initiative, nor does it have the political will to do so.

Modi has shown that he understands India's shortcomings in conventional diplomatic and economic resources and has therefore leaned on using India's considerable soft power — by way of cultural and human resources — to shape India's foreign policy. On Modi's Sri Lanka initiative, Carnegie India director C Raja Mohan points out in his column for : "Modi has also sought to restore the deeper cultural connect between the two nations as part of his effort to go past the divisive discourse of the last few decades and rebuild mutual trust between Delhi and Colombo.

As points out in a study, "During the six years up to 2007 China’s GDP grew at an average rate of 11 percent, with investment equaling 41.5 percent of GDP.

The current account surplus was rising in this period, reaching over 10 percent of GDP."It is obvious that China needed to harness the economic surplus and has since undertaken countless economic initiatives to channel that capacity, in turn increasing exponentially its geopolitical influence.

Located just off the coast of southeast India, Sri Lanka is an impressively large island nation with more than 20 million citizens.

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