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We try to balance that out in the future.” In the near future, the 2016 opener is against Alabama at the neutral site. == Why is it more than just soul searching involved in finding a suitable suitor?“We are a little geographically challenged,” Lopes admitted.

“This year, coming off the probation, it was very important for us to have seven home games,” Lopes explained.Sure, and the Bruins open against Virginia at home, but the Trojans are the ones with the cavalier attitude?You can say this: USC, UCLA and Notre Dame are the last three designated Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools to have never scheduled an opponent from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) level, which used to be called 1-AA and has actually produced some major upsets in past seasons.If it wasn’t them, it could have been Long Beach State or Cal State Northridge or Cal State Fullerton — if they still had programs.UCLA’s future-opponent lineup is pretty bold, by most comparisons.

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