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Do they end up together…you’ll just have to wait and see (yuk yuk yuk).The filmmakers’ major problem, other than their obvious B-Movie aspirations, is that they never decided exactly what sort of film they wanted to make.

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It gets seriously comical when the director talks about the complex choices the actors made (to swear or not to swear?Hannah is also pals with blogger Pia Muehlenbeck, with the two spotted together on floating nightclub The Island earlier this year.The brunette looks quite similar to Kris' former girlfriend, lingerie model Maddy King.The filmmakers try to pull on your heartstrings with Danny’s struggles to see but end up triggering your gag reflex instead, which is never good on a first date.The back cover on the Blind Dating DVD boasts “There’s More to Love Than Meets The Eye,” but unfortunately with the disc what you see if pretty much what you get.

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