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In Season 4, Episode 17, the cast goes to Honey Grove, Texas, to rescue Marvin “Mouth” Mc Fadden (Lee Norris).The episode was really filmed in Honey Grove after the town won a contest in which fans wrote in, saying why One Tree Hill should come to their city.Burton, like Peyton, was a cheerleader at her high school.17.One Tree Hill was originally set in Illinois, but The WB asked Schwahn to set it in a warmer climate, which is how the show ended up taking place in North Carolina.18.He felt someone should “say something loudly” about the tragedy.22.

Read here some interesting facts about Sophia Bush.2.The show title comes from the U2 song “One Tree Hill” from the Joshua Tree album.21.Schwahn was inspired to write the school-shooting episode (Season 3, Episode 16) after hearing someone talk about Columbine and whispering the name.Though Jackson Brundage was only 6 when he was cast as Jamie, he was really good at memorizing lines.5.was named one of the top television shows in 2009 by the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards.

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