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That works out to almost 0 per page view, and comes nowhere close to any actual damages we may have inflicted on the photographer with our use of the image.

Let me be clear: I believe that photographers should be paid for their work and I think that people who steal images deserve to pay some sort of restitution for any damages caused.Keep in mind, Outbrain reserves the right to reject or block any content for any reason at our sole discretion, even after post-launch, if we feel that it compromises the safety or quality of the user experience.Also, both publishers and marketers can choose to block pages or sources that they don’t feel resonate with their brands.And it was also the equivalent of several months’ rent at the office, or holiday bonuses for our staff, or a variety of other ways we could’ve spent the money to grow our business or expand our payroll.This was our most costly mistake since starting the business, and in the end I was almost happy to pay Mr.

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