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Perhaps she was really a formidable female potter in history but not in this drama.

Growing up away from the palace, Lee Rin finds solace in a group of night watchman whose purpose is to rid the world of evil.Published by Atria Books and in paperback by Pocket Books, both imprints of Simon & Schuster, “American Assassin” is one of 14 novels set in the world of counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp, who is being portrayed by O’Brien. “American Assassin” is the second title to land on the date.Sony is also opening Ice Age survival story “The Solutrean” on the same date.History books depict the untimely death of Crown Prince Sado at the hands of his own father King Young Jo.This drama revolves around the father-son dynamic of a mad king and a hopeful son as political controversies, contradicting ideologies, greed and power tear them apart.

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