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So, explore all the options before you apply to TANF.

If you fit the criteria, though, and think this is the help that will make all the difference to you, the link to Idaho TANF is below: They do, however, stipulate that anyone receiving aid through TANF works a certain number of hours.

Assistance with childcare Going out to work is a necessity for single mothers.

In a two parent family, it’s possible that you could enjoy the luxury of staying at home with the kids, but if you are a single parent it is down to you to bring in the money to keep your family.

WIC programs are aimed at people just like you…women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have young children.

It provides help with the cost of good, healthy basic foods, and also dispenses helpful advice on how to feed your children best.

If you get a few of you together, and work part time, maybe you can organize a rota for child care between you?

Ask around your community too, because there may be a church group or other community association that runs a crèche and offers subsidized prices for single moms.

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There are two options for childcare: You can get someone to come to your home to take care of the children, or you can send them to a day care centre.

Both options can be very good, but both can be expensive and create yet another problem for single mothers.

TANF may be able to help (see link given earlier) or take a look at the webpage linked below.

You, and only you, have to raise your kids in a difficult world.

You have to make sure they are well fed, well educated, and that they are happy.

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