Sims 3 cheat dating

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My advice is, if you download it, to read all of the instructions and take note that it may conflict with other mods.

It wouldn’t work at the same time as the teen marriage/pregnancy mod for me.

These include the time of the party, the type of dress, and the type of party (you have a choice of Birthday, House, Wedding and Funeral I believe). Once you’ve set all of those and clicked okay, it’s just a matter of waiting until the time counts down and your party is near.Once they’re married, the other person will move in. In The Sims 3, how do you move teenagers out or in with one another? It would appear that the teen pregnancy/marriage mod doesn’t work in the same way that it did for The Sims 2.In The Sims 2, about halfway through their teenage years they would suddenly become capable of certain adult interactions (such as marriage, moving out, and their job would switch to the adult career), however this doesn’t seem to happen with The Sims 3.There’s a lifetime achievement of having had 10 boyfriends/girlfriends, but you cannot have more than one declared boyfriend/girlfriend at any one time.Sure, you can fall in love with other sims while you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you cannot “go steady” with them, which kind of sucks.

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