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Here’s a roundup of the actor’s enduring, awesome weirdness—and his evolving public art projects.July 2009: After La Beouf was charged with a misdemeanor for criminal trespassing following his 21st birthday, he told David Letterman that he’d just been trying to buy some cigarettes at four in the morning.But that’s life – so many different emotions come out in so many different ways and that may be why so much of our performances may not feel directed. BMD: Tell me about these kids you were stuck in this van with. All of us were chosen the same way I was – for a reason that maybe we didn’t entirely understand, but we trusted Andrea was stitching something really wonderful together.We were all looking for something and there’s a light in every one of us, but it was dimmed in a certain way.

SL: Nothing in particular, but something different from what she’s known. So she knows pain and mistrust, caregiving, and a lot of hurt. I think she’s looking for a new sense of family, belonging and self.

“I got really wasted in Chicago and ended up celebrating in Walgreens,” he says.

He ended up making multiple late-night Walgreens visits, each of them involving a costume change.

Even when we had conflict, there was still love there, you know? There isn’t a set soundtrack, per se, but we’ll get snippets of Chris Brown and Rihanna on the overhead speakers in a grocery store or trap rap coming through the van’s radio.

It almost plays like a non-traditional musical at times.

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