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'When we let her know that it's for us, she quickly (without hesitation) replies "Well I'm going to transfer your order to Stephanie at Gimme Some Sugar Cakes." She stands up, walks away, and calls Stephanie to "transfer" us (I think she meant to say REFUSE SERVICE to us) and refer us for an appointment 'After she leaves a voicemail with Stephanie she comes back to update us and says, "Ok, I've called her and left a message.We can do the design and Stephanie can do the filling.She says she was hurt by all of the negative attention she got for denying the two couples their cake.'That's what we've been doing for five years. I don't think we should be picked on because of our beliefs,' she told KGET.Miller's beliefs apparently don't align with everyone that works for her.'Apparently they don't "believe" in same sex marriage, so they refused to make the cake,' he wrote on Facebook. So just be aware if you choose to spend your money there.' These posts quickly went viral online, leading many to start posting negative reviews on the bakery's social media pages. Miller has since taken down the bakery's pages and started setting up new accounts.

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But on Saturday, not one but two same sex-couples complained on Facebook about her refusing to make their wedding cakes.She says that she doens't make wedding cakes for same-sex couples because she's a Christian and doesn't believe in homosexual marriages.'Here at Tastries, we love everyone my husband and I our Christians and we know that God created everyone and he created everyone equal so it’s not that we don’t like people of certain groups of people there is just certain things that violate my conscience,' she explained, adding that she referred Salazar to another bakery,' she told KERO.'My conscience will not allow me to participate in thing that I feel are wrong. Participating in the celebration of a same-sex marriage goes against my conscience.I shouldn’t be picked because of my beliefs,' she added.A southern California bakery is under boycott for refusing to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples.Cathy Miller, the owner of Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, says she doesn't make cakes for same-sex couples due to her Christian beliefs.

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