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I’d never really done a long trip before, and so I started doing research, and was looking at pictures of llamas and Macchu Pichu, and was like, “I’d really like to see llamas and Macchu Pichu.” Peru, and South America generally, just seemed like a really fun place to go. But yeah, I booked my return flight leaving out of Buenos Aires 3 months after my arrival. If you have a bigger one, you’ll just end up having to take more stuff. It’s like when you lose your luggage and realize, hmm, I could just live in this one dress for the rest of my life. Even with that tiny backpack I was always thinking, “Huh, I’m not really using these things.” I had like seven pieces of clothing total and was still thinking that I wanted to leave some of it behind. So I thought that it would be hot and tropical, so I brought two skirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, T-shirts, and one of those Uniqlo down jackets that you can stuff into a tiny bag. Before I left, I did Rosetta Stone and watched Spanish movies and thought I’d gotten back to a decent basic level, but when I got to Bogotá, I was so embarrassed; my accent was terrible, I couldn’t understand the questions.

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And it was interesting, as a single female traveler: I had my best and worst experiences that way.

What sort of life preparation did a three-month trip require? I estimated maybe 00 for three months, including the flights. If I wanted to get some writing done, I had a travel journal and an i Pad mini that I didn’t use until I lost my phone, which I mostly used to take pictures. That was really useful, because I was in a lot of high-altitude places, which can get very cold. I was so stressed out that I sent messages to all my friends saying I had no idea how I was going to get through this.

But from the beginning I knew my plans might easily change, so I was pretty broad and flexible about everything in the planning process, including the money; I had some extra in savings that I knew I could use if I wanted to. So I wore that pair of jeans every single day, and eventually bought a second pair of pants. I stayed for like three weeks in a city in Bolivia that had really amazing ice cream, the kind that’s made out of fruit, that’s so fresh. But, by the end of the trip it became second nature.

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