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They're with people they know who are supposed to be taking care of them and protecting them, and a lot of times, they are victimized by those people.”Sixty percent of perpetrators are known to the child but are not family members, such as family friends, babysitters, child care providers and neighbors, Ashcraft said. Ten percent are strangers.“It can be very cyclical, where the perpetrator is 16 but was a victim when he was like 8,” said Ashcraft, who is also a former juvenile prosecutor.

“I don't think I ever dealt with one of the child offenders who wasn't also a victim before.”“Even if disclosures are made to family members or parents, it doesn't always mean it's getting to law enforcement,” Stevenson said.

Signed with Loveless Records after they won the Sound Off 2008 competition in Seattle.

A potential offender is going to groom them, give them presents, have a special relationship with them.”“As human beings, when we become emotional, our rational judgement goes down in almost equal increments,” he said.I did a double-take when I passed artist-activist Ai Weiwei on the street at the Telluride Film Festival in September.I think I was moved by a sense of history upon seeing him, and certainly by the knowledge of his arrest and imprisonment by Chinese authorities in 2011.He was at Telluride presenting HUMAN FLOW, his epic, new documentary about conditions in refugee camps, where millions are suffering and enduring after escaping the ethnic and religious violence and economic catastrophe of their homelands.Working with eleven cinematographers, he travels through Greece, Italy, Jordan, Hungary, Lebanon, the Gaza strip, Kenya, France and Germany.

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